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SEO Assistance

You have probably heard about SEO - search engine optimisation. 

It's one of the most crucial elements of having a web site.  Incorporating keywords and phrases within the build and design of your web site in order for your site to rank within search engines.

I have assisted businesses throughout the UK who felt their web site wasn't getting found organically in search.  By investing in a web site audit, I have been able to report on all of the missing elements and assist with positive results!

I charge a  VERY reasonable fee to assess & supply an audit of your current SEO status along with details of  how your SEO can be improved.

Just tap the button below to schedule a call with me to discuss how I can help to improve your rank in the search engines,

Debbie is amazing! She did an SEO Audit for me and came up with some ways I could make my website more visible - she then implemented the changes and I’ve been getting many more enquiries through my website which I never have before! She’s very thorough, efficient, knowledgeable, supportive and trustworthy - all the things you need when you’re trying to get noticed online. it’s given me the confidence I needed to push my business forward! Debbie will definitely be doing my website work from now on

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